Blackriver Trucks 3.0 RAWmon 34mm


RAWmon Trucks: as raw as Ramon. RAWmon are our first signature trucks, dedicated to good friend, teamrider, and passionate outdoor rider Ramon Angelow. For the first time we offer raw metal trucks, without our well known finishing, for the same raw fingerboard experience Ramon takes to the street every day. RAWmon come with our classic white bushings. Featuring our renowned precision steering, awesome feeling and real-wear, just like skateboard trucks, Blackriver Trucks 3.0 have now been improved with reinforced steel single axles, strenghtened lock-nuts and thicker, reinforced baseplates. ...they are also pimped-up with the Blackriver skull, embossed on the baseplate itself. Available in 29mm, 32mm and 34mm widths, Blackriver Trucks 3.0 include 8x mounting screws, 6x lock-nuts and our Blackriver fingerboard tool. Blackriver Trucks are designed, produced and assembled in Germany.